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February 3rd, 2014

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06:18 pm - David Byrne, sung in Yal Dawo
Pasdené, Pasdenadé {Same as it ever was}
© David Byrne/The Talking Heads (Terran)

Translated into Yal Dawo by Ariel Cinii {AMW:iac 1402.03, Putitiop*}
(Syllables are accented in bold)

Varssé dtoé porajet’th’o...
agaminssé j’ra ej [Shotgun Shack] Mardr’a.
Varssé dtoé porajet’th’o...
av ej gkala th Quopessess.
Varssé dtoé porajet’th’o
redov Mwd’iNa ssyadé Dovrajess,
Min varssé dtoé porajet’th’o...
J’ra ej simura Mardr’a,
Min ej simuré Abfazhën.
Min Varssé dtoé porajet’th’o...
“Vrejën Aness, koi madet’thi ävsä?”

(music break)

Min varssé dtoé bajet’th’o,
“Ko biané tij simora Mardr’a?”
Min varssé dtoé bajet’th’o,
“Ko biané matr’e tij Mikol’o?”
Min varssé dtoé sajchet’th’o,
“Viyssan tij simora Mardré Aness’ä!”
Min Varssé dtoé sajchet’th’o,
“Viyssan tij simoré Abfazh Aness’â!”

(music break)

Geshé Lërramin, Geshé ge’issad.
San GeshéNa av Drô Awoiess
O’e Geshé Na, Séom’o Geshé Na.
ge’iss’o... ge’iss’o.. ge’iss’o ... (echoing)
(O’e Geshé Na, Séom’o Geshé Na.)

(music break)

batyatoon asked me to translate a phrase from the song at other deb's hausfilk.  Of course, the question lingered...

This work was Produced Under The Influence To Influence Others Positively (PUTITIOP). Certain limitations apply.

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Date:February 4th, 2014 06:03 am (UTC)
I'd pay 99c (like at iTunes) to hear an mp3 of this being sung.

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