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I'm sorry to address this question to this community, i realize that this is not exactly what the community was set up for, but i've kinda run out of patience with other venues. Figured that, between the whole lot of us, somebody is going to be able help me out.

Anyway, i have two questions, or rather requests. Can anybody help me find (1) an etymological dictionary of Hungarian or some material [with meat on its bones, pls] on Old Hungarian, and (2) a resource on Old Japanese (Heian period or thereabouts, not Kanbun). Vocab and grammar is what i'd like to focus on mostly - which is to say, basically everything. :) I'm looking for material that's online, but if you know of anything that's been written and printed on paper during the past couple of decades, feel free to suggest anything, too. I'll have a look in my library over here and see if i can find anything that you might know of.


I don't mind if the material is in English, German, Hungarian or Japanese. If need be, i can handle French, Spanish and Swedish, too. But, really, anything at all. This has been eating at me for a couple of months now and i would really appreciate some help.

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