The Light And Dark (ayelis) wrote in conlangs,
The Light And Dark

Gender in my conlang... o.o`

Yes, it turns out, my conlang will have a form of 'gender' as well! I wouldn't have believed it if you told me yesterday, but the more I look at it, I can see, without even knowing the first common noun or verb in my language, that it will have a form of gender/noun case.

How, you ask, could I possibly know that words I haven't created yet will have such things? It has to do with pronunciation. The gender of suffixes will have to match the gender of post-infixes; some of them will be attributed to voiced consonants such as VDGB, and therefore need to be followed by a Z or other voiced fricative, and some to silent consonants FTKP, and need to be suffixed by an S or other silent fricative. This all equates to 'Gender', especially if you're "conlanging" (is that a verb?) a SpeedTalk-class (Phonaesthemic) language.

This all should have occured to me earlier.

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