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Ehk pahtwii foht jiijiinahr. (A prayer for health.)

Since I have a slight cold, I decided to write a prayer in Trai'Pahg'Nan'Nog, something I do a lot of, since I adopted the Traipahni religion of Yahgahn as my own. Due to limitations of extant vocabulary, but working with the flexibility of the language, this is a good example of how the language works, and how an incomplete knowledge of the language can still get you by.

Sahn-ah'iik Jiijiinis veh Alorno, Ahnai flo Kriiah Taykwiiah, ah'iik moiul'duun'zaen thiiah jiijiinahr tahdjah. Ah'iik sohlohrt zaen-maak ehm thiiah da-nykyah-gwebahr-maik yiniiku. Ah'iik oy thiiah nykyah-gwebahr hii'glorng la piik fii-taykay'yah da-bahzah-moiulainas. Ah'iik moiul'dahk la da-nykyah'gweb'moiulj-maik seh thiiah somaik, hii'glorng-kez la da-fii'ahn'kwiinj flo thiiah somaik. Thiiah somaik bain vwonylk, thiin toik sehk thiiah Ahn'Kwiinj foht la noh’hkwii-maak seh la da-bahzah-moiulainas. Uuj Kriiah Zahvahshah, Jiijiinis veh Alorno, veh uuj thiiah zahvahshah, thiin rahk ziz'zik hohrihg-kez egtah grehn tók. Sahn-kia, Koh Soh La Kohrain.


Much-please Jiijiinis and Alorno,1 Holy in Your Splendor,2 please strengthen my [good health].3 Please give strength to my [white blood cells]. Please help my blood destroy the little ugly sick-makers. Please clean the [blood vessels] of my body, destroying the (things not wanted)4 in my body. My body is mine, I call with my Will for the banishment of the sick-makers. By Your Power, Jiijiinis and Alorno, and by my power, I know it is happening as we speak. Many-thanks, You Are The All.

Part of the challenge in writing this is I haven't come up with a word for "cell" (as in white blood cell) or "germ," etc, yet. So I had to improvise. And I like how it turned out. :-) It was a pleasant surprise to find "fii'ahn'kwiinj," meaning "a thing not wanted" in my list of TPNN words; it is a perfect fit. (Actually, in the file, it's "fii'ehl'ahn'kwiinj," but the ehl can be dropped, since the word is derived from "fii'ehl," meaning "the opposite of" and "ahn'kwiinj," meaning "Will." Something opposed to your Will is not wanted, hence the translation "a thing not wanted."

As to "little ugly sick-makers," the word "moiulainas" (from "da-bahzah-moiulainas" in the prayer) is actually "creator." Closest word I have in TPNN to "maker."

1 = Jiijiinis: Deity of Health. Alorno: Deity of Healing.

2 = I have a standard format for prayers. [Name], oh [Name], Holy in Your Splendor. [Content/supplication]. Many-thanks, You Are The All. (I do it this way because "Conversations With God" by Neale Donald Walsch says that the most effective prayer is a prayer of gratitude for what you know will happen. And it works very well for me.)

3 = Brackets indicate non-literal translation. Literal translation of "jiijiinahr tahdjah" is actually "health good." Literal translation of "da-nykyah-gwebahr-maik yiniik" is "plural-life-water-thing white." Also, "da-nykyah'gweb'moiulj-maik" is literally "plural-life'water'area-thing"; it is related to "gweb'moiulj-maik," the word for "a channel of water."

4 = Parentheses indicate literal translation is the best translation.
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