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IPA Helper 2.0

After moving my personal website to a new server and a brand new domain, I decided to revamp my IPA Helper, to make it look less like crap, and to improve the functionality of it. And so, at 5 AM I Should Be Asleep o’clock, here I am, posting about it.

This simple little tool is designed, as the name implies, to facilitate the production of IPA pronunciation guides, since most of the IPA resides in various hard-to-reach places of Unicode.

In addition to its point-and-click input interface, you can of course enter text yourself, and your IPA is automatically turned into HTML for you to use e.g. right here on LJ, on your personal websites, and so on. There is even a little option that lets you surround the HTML with... with more HTML! More specifically, the option automagically inserts HTML code that selects an appropriate Unicode font when you put it on a web page.

If there are any problems with the IPA Helper – any at all – please do not hesitate to ask questions below, or contact me through my website. Criticism is always appreciated!


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