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Place names in Nuirn

This may not relate to everyone's language, or at least not to languages from invented worlds.

In Nuirn, though, place names exist for local and some distant terrestrial locations. Many are simply adaptations of English or local words.

Louisville is Luafall, /ˈluː.ə.ˌvʌl/, dative Luafaille which simply represents the local pronunciation in Nuirn spelling. Similarly:

Cantàcaí Kentucky
Indiæne Indiana
Illenøy /ˌɪ.lɨ.ˈnəɪ/ Illinois
Ohàyo Ohio
Tenesî Tennessee
Síæt'hle Seattle
Misygin Michigan
Misiùra Missouri
Techses Texas

Some can be imported with minimal changes, like Coloràdo. Some get by with minimal phonological changes. Oclachoma. Most, however, require adjustment for conformity to the umlaut class rules. Cælifeòirnie /ˌkæ.lɨ.fʲoː.ɝ.njə/ California.

Others get fully or partially calqued:

Ny Eòruic /nyː 'joɾ.wɪk/ New York
Ny Oirlîns New Orleans
Piseògan /pɪ.ˈʃoː.gʌn/ Sacramento; also Corpus Christi
Pittsbórgh Pittsburg
(Halga) Diàc /ˈhal.gə dʲɑk/ San Diego
(Halga) Fransué /ˌfrɑn.ˈswɛ/ San Francisco
(Halga) Hlóduic St. Louis
Stad n' Englene Los Angeles

Some local names are idiosyncratic: Virgilienstad "Corydon". Blattangau "Shively".
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