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D'al Thyann: My Cutesy Cat Picture

Cat + Cat Toy ©2012 Ariel Cinii

It's a Soudti Sodyera, one of the flying cats from back home. Remember the children's book idea I had back around Lunacon last year? Very little material has come in as far as artwork. Hopefully, this étude will get us back to it again. The cat's about the size of a lynx or bobcat and the imagery that drifts in shows me at least four colour combinations: all white (or Dessel {mountain peak}), brown & orange tabby stripes with white on the bottom (common, or Abpëd'a), black & white (Dijav Parzen, a rare breed, I believe), and all grey (Belii {smoky}). There are probably others.

The cat toy is in the shape of a traditional prey, the To'esh Avoni, or Fool's Arrow, a prolific white bird about the size of a Terran starling. Red markings on their rear-facing delta wings and tail always point back where they'd been. It was believed that the Soudti Sodyera were genetically engineered to handle a severe bird population problem somewhere during the First Era {Seasons 01-334 in the Era of Hezdin. See: Flying Stone by Ariel Cinii: "When We passed through the Shimmering Door connecting there and here," }. Some insist the species was bred on the Fejia homeworld and smuggled across. There is no evidence of the species existing before the Era of Hezdin.

This is an example of how my past-life recall works. It's sort of an internal Socratic dialogue with my mental database, each answer revealing more bits of trivia. The image for this sketch popped into my mind's eye right before Meditation last night. The news came on at 5 and by 6, Jerné the art persona was done.I wish I had all the tools available to me now back when I started doing this in 1987. In the best-case scenario I can generate a post like this and just save it into my writting files intact, saving a whole lot of transcription time. I still haven't gotten around to writing down things I'd recorded on my iPod® back in the fall. 

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