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Names of the parts of the head in Nuirn.

/ˈLæ.ɾɨm wi: ɘt 'ɛn.əm.ən nə 'stʊ.kə.nə du.nə 'hu:.vʌts gə mɛ:.nɪ.ʃtʲ ɪ ny:.ɾnə/

Féax (féaxas, féxi), (a) head of hair. A single hair is hár.

Panna (pannas, pænne), (a) forehead

Auga (augans, øyghene) (a) eye

Brugh (brugs/brugas, bryghe, brúgum), (i) eyebrow

Auganþryll (auganþrylls, auganþrylle) (i) pupil

Auso (ausans, øyrene) (a) ear

Nack (nackas, næcke, náckum), (i) nose

Nackanþryll (nackanþrylls, nackanþrylle), (i) nostril

Cyndh (cyndes, cynde), (i) cheek

Munþ (mundas, mynde) (a) mouth

Haighe (haighes, haighe) /ha.jə/, (a) chin

Hals (halsas, hælse) (a), neck.

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