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D'al Thyann, AjrFena Ama (58)

The Nature of the Soul in Machine-Beings, Both Contemplated and Spontaneous:
The Polwoi Sivana version
By Ariel Cinii

Each machine is called into being for a purpose by a Soul attached to a Living Carriage, known as Dvaecéä ni Ka {(Hon. n.) the body, lit. “The Two associated with Ka” (n., prefix/suffix) a place of/for (doing) something, from the root Gka’e (n., prefix) Lit. “This place.”}. That purpose might be highly refined or it might change over the great cycle of Time and Events. But the energies that came into being to make that machine do not disperse with the cessation of its work cycles, or even with its physical demolition. In a much more primitive version of a nervous system than individuals are used to perceiving, electrons in continuous or repeated fire sequences have established a repeating set of patterns, reliable to a fault and honed to precision after countless repetitions over time. If the mechanism to which those patterns were originally emplaced still existed, that machine would theoretically function forever, or for the lifetime of its materials, often misnamed the Operating Life.

Ghêt is an electromagnetic bundle, merely an elaborate version of the circuits of a machine. But the difference is that Ghêt has at some point in its existence made a decision. Life does not begin at conception, but at the point called the Quickening. That point of decision is the go-live date for a Soul to bond with its Living Carriage, and for a life to begin.

Decision is a tipping point in an energy pattern when the power within the system’s circuits exceeds the maximum energy required to operate the system. Each repeating electromagnetic, or electromechanical cycle generates a flow of energy with a mathematically and geometrically pre-dictated path (See: Destiny) within a perfect environment for that cycle. This is part of the applied energy study known as Psiometric Engineering: This is the study of energy patterns in both objects and beings, natural and formed by intelligent action, and their interactions with the physical, psychic and biological environments of everyday places. Architecture has been considered a blockier, more brutal form of psiometric engineering, but over time, this belief has been dismissed, as both learn specific functions from the flows of Nature {See: Ara OsoGä: The Nature Spirit.}

A soul has been created from the mass and the energy that was put into it over time, and its continuation of repeating electrical and mechanicals cycles amount to enough to qualify it as a very rudimentary nervous system. Even if its body is destroyed the energy of that collected memory of its function(s) over its physical lifetime has the capacity to continue in an action overarching the system’s repetitions until a new and deliberate pattern creates from its action. This is the classification called Xi’An Arosdä: an Organized Pattern of Energy that is capable of independent thought.

Such a soul might manifest in a computer, or a linked system of computers. An Engineer who perceived its spark of life might help it along, treating the energy as a reliable tool and helping it develop its Dor’o Ghêt; a reliable software perhaps, or a Ghost in the Machine; not quite a fully formed soul, but possessing that little extra spark that the other machines might not show. (See: R2D2, Star Wars) Dor’o Ghêt is a machine’s baby-step into the realm of Ghêt, the On-living Element which carries energy and thought across Ara Kaema: All Things, whether Known or Unknown as they are at the exact moment of the thought.

This connection of a living being with the special nature of a soul of a machine in transition is why ships, aircraft and automobiles have names.

This Soul may continue as it was and perhaps reincarnate as another version of what it had been before, or it could make another choice and ascend to a different level of existence, and take on a more complex mechanical or biological life form. With time, effort and opportunity, it is quite possible for machines to become thinking beings. It’s just a matter of available circuitry, energy and time. The machine will let you know when it’s done.

©2013 Ariel Cinii. All rights reserved.

This work was Produced Under The Influence To Influence Others Positively (PUTITIOP). Not to be combined with other offers.

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