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Kamakawi Word of the Day Blog/LCS RSS Feed

I recently created a Kamakawi Word of the Day blog for my language Kamakawi, modeled after Sylvia Sotomayor's Kēlen Word of the Day blog. I don't expect that to be interesting to most, but in conjunction with that, saizai has created a new RSS feed hosted by the LCS for conlang blogs. You can find it here:


Currently there's not much there, but there can—and should—be!

If you have a conlang-specific blog and you'd like it to be added, all you need to do is e-mail the RSS/Atom feed link to lcs "at" conlang.org, and saizai will add it.

There is one caveat. Due to the LCS's fabulous contract with DreamHost that gives us scads of space for free, we can't host any non-"business-related" material. In our case, that business is conlanging. As such, saizai is requesting that the feed link have only conlang-related material (no off-topic posts). He recommends setting up a category specifically for conlang-related stuff and sending that to him, so that only on-topic posts make it to the aggregator.
Super Duck
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LCS Blog Up and Running

I wanted to post to let everyone know that the LCS Blog is officially up and running, now that there's some content up there. I'll be posting a lot of the content for now, but one thing we'd like to do is work in a lot of different bloggers who post regularly. So, if you have a moment, go take a look, and let me or saizai know if you have anything you want to contribute, or anything in particular you want to see.
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Hopefully this should work now...

You should now be able to add tags (of my or marikochan's assignment) to posts if you are a member. This post wil be tagged with all the available tags.

Any member is free to add tags to any community post. I've made a few basic ones; comment here to tell me about others you'd like me to add.

[Edit:] Mrr. I'm pretty sure you can add tags to new posts (like I just did), but I'm not seeing the edit-tags icon on anything other than this post. Checking w/ Support.

[Edit 2:] It's spontaneously started working. Hopefully the rest of you should be able to see the little "tag" icon in the middle bar on individual posts' pages. From there you should be able to add tags at your leisure.